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The fandom will change. Here's some recs before it does. Unspoiled Harry Potter goodness!

Been gone long...summer school and HBP galore! But I'm back, with a vengeance!

Harry Potter

Abner of Astlegate's Most Splendid Pox by sheafrotherdon
Remus gets the Chicken Pox. Poor baby. This is one of the most clever stories I've read in this fandom.

After the Earth by Torch
An awesome little drabble about a character that, after reading this story, I know deserves more attention in this fandom. Saying anymore would ruin it.

And the Discreet Keep their Love in Their Back Pockets by yeats
An uncomfortable and perfect little drabble about a typical domestic day for our favorite boys. Remus/Sirius, obviously. :D

Authority by violet_quill
This is really great pr0n with dominant!Remus. Oh so great.
"You! Not sticking up for me - having to get the last word like that, agreeing with Molly. Not to mention..." Clearing his throat, he mimicked in a haughty voice, "Sirius, sit down."
"Sirius," Remus said. "Sit down."
Sirius sat.

Break Through by scribbulus_ink
This is a story about Remus and Sirius' relationship in Book 5. I don't much like the Remus characterization here, but this is still a great read all the same.

Favored by roz_morgan
On my search for Narcissa/Bellatrix, I came across this little *cough* gem. There is incest and threesomes and the like, but if you're not squicked by it, this is a great read. Remus/Sirius/Regulus, it is.

Tempus Fugit by marksykins
Harry gives Snape Veritaserum, and naturally, he finds out more than he could ever have wished to know. This is an interesting and cute Harry/Snape read.

The Truth of Masks by wildestranger
This story is like a Marauder's Era Yule Ball with costumes. This is mainly Remus/Sirius, but don't let the little touch of Remus/Lily turn you off.

White Gardenias by sionnain
This story is Bellatrix/Narcissa. Bella goes to Narcissa after Azkaban, and Narcissa remembers her wedding day. This is not a pairing I would normally be into, but I wanted a fix after HBP. This did it for me.


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Honey, I'm Home by Velvethope
Hermione uses Veritaserum to find out the truth of her relationship with Draco. This is domestic and cute.

Offspring by Jayne 1955
What if Voldy decided to breed the purebloods with each other? (and Harry for good measure) This story was very unique, and should be read. The main focus is on Harry/Luna, but there are other pairings mentioned too.

The Premonition by Elwyn
Godric Gryffindor saw the end of Hogwarts, and creates a plan to save it. Naturally, this involves Hermione and Draco hooking up. :P The twist at the end makes it extra special.
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