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Recs: 5 Lecterverse, 6 X Files, 4 QaF, 4 LOTR, 4 Star Wars, 14 Harry Potter

Hannibal Lecter

Alternate Strings by Kurt GW
An alternate take on "Daddy's Girl," which is just as awesome as the original.

After Dinner on the Chesapeake by Running With Deer
This was my first ever Lecterfic. It's all about the pr0n. Really, that's all it is. However, it's written beautifully. I think it really echoes the way Thomas Harris himself writes.

Daddy's Girl by Kurt GW
Several years after Clarice and Hannibal run away together, Clarice hears a crossbow string, and "wakes up." How is she supposed to get her daughter away from the madman? Just awesome, with a cool ending.

Retrospect by Mel
Really merges the endings to the book and movie quite nicely.

Siren Sweet and Harpy Shrill by Natasha Von Lecter
"A disgraced Clarice is used as bait to lure Dr. Lecter..." Absolutely Awesome.


The X-Files

Breathe by Satina and Orangy
Satina is my most favorite slash writer, and my first. She popped my slash cherry with this story. Krycek watches Mulder breate. Hot.

Fox by Philey X
Mulder and Scully are drugged in this and its sequel, Mulder. Absolutely hilarious.

Mulder by Philey X
See above.

Stoli by Satina
Mulder gets a box of Stolichnaya Russian vodka-filled chocolates, and thinks they are from Krycek. Smut ensues.

Stoli II: Suh-weet by Satina
See part 1.

This Partner Thing by Satina
Young Krycek and Mulder and hot sex. Nice.


Queer as Folk

Deconstructing Brian and Between the Sessions by Randall Morgan
Probably the best Brian//Justin fics out there. Randall is great, and this series really shows Brian growing.

Forever by Randall Morgan
An AU/fantasy type Halloween fic. Yum.

Intrepid Traveler by Irina
An AU in which Justin goes back in time to help Brian open up and change in the future.

Reconstructing Brian by Randall Morgan
Basically, the sequel series to Deconstructing Brian, and just as damn good.


Lord of the Rings

At the Rivendell Internet Cafe by Fennelseed
::squee:: The folk of Middle Earth find fanfiction online about themselves. Hilarity ensues.

Curse or Blessing by Milly
Faramir deals with the fat that he is pregnant with his dead brother's child. Milly makes Mpreg and love between two brothers good. Really. Approach with caution, but if you can handle it, it's great.

I Have You by BelenaJake
A Boromir/Faramir fic that has grieving!Faramir and hot sex in the hay.

Wine Warms the Blood by Empy
Another good, kinda coming of age fic between Boromir and Faramir. Yay for incest, I say...I am so wrong. :P


Star Wars

Father's Heart by Fernwithy
Leia develops an unlikely friendship with Vader. Really neat characterizations, here.

Fewer and Fewer Degrees of Seperation by Marie
All of Marie's stories are beautiful. This takes place on the way to Bespin, and the UST between the nerfherder and the princess is great.

Luke's Girl by Yahtzee
A great Han/Leia fic, with Sabaac...YAY!

Storm by Marie
Another great story by Marie in her Missing Moments series about Han and Leia.


Harry Potter

And They Shall Also Mourn by blacksatinrose
The War has started, Sirius is still gone, and Remus and Harry deal. Why is this so sad, and sooo good?

The Arrangement by maybethemoon
Sirius isn't a poof. Except, he totally is. Remus and Sirius are just helping each other, until Remus finally figures out that it's really love.

A Creature Void of Form by Ignipes
Just beautiful. After PoA, Remus visits Sirius. Things have really changed, and both men are hurt, and nothing is resolved in the end either.

Doubt the Curve of the Earth by starstillwonder
Post-prank Marauder fic. Ends with pr0n and the most beautiful last line ever. Yay.

The Fairytale Way by hackthis
How cute. Just so cute, Remus/Sirius.

Five Ways to Open Your Arms by imochan
This fic physically hurts. It's so simply written. Great.

Just Waiting by mousapelli
Remus goes through the veil after Sirius. Though I don't really like the ending, awesome fic nonetheless.

Not Consolation by thieving_gypsy
Remus POV through the years. Sad and beautiful.

Page 394 by Ananke
Awwwwww, how darling. Sirius leaves his mark on everything, which is a great way to show Remus his love in this MWPP fic.

The Past is Mine by Cenori
This is only the second story I've ever cried after reading. It broke my heart. Harry looks through his photo album after OoTP, and finds he has questions for Remus. Every moment of this story is stunning, and will remain in your head for a long time. Gorgeous.

Perdoname by holographis
This story shows Harry, Remus, Tonks, Molly, and everyone coping with the death of Sirius. But life goes on. Just lovely.

Queer by Switchknife
Sirius isn't queer, oh no. Well, Remus shows him the truth.

Rain by Kellie528
Remus blows the roof off (literally) during a rainstorm for a parched Sirius. Hot and beautiful.

Roundabout by arakne
Actually NOT Sirius/Remus! This is a Hermione/Draco fic. Draco saves Hermione from Death Eaters, and she teaches him about Muggles. And they fall in love...

Well, that is it for now! But I'm always looking for more to read, so please rec fics to me! Any fics, all fics! And give feedback, to me, and the authors especially. Feedback=love.


Lost recs, Vigorli recs, and more!

Does anyone know why you can't link to stories on The Gossamer Project? It's killing me!
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