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Recs: 4 Lost, 1 Star Wars, 1 Vigorli

A small update tonight. Enjoy. <3


Empty by eponine119
I really like the possibility of Shannon being pregnant with Boone's baby, which this author explores. Tell her to write a sequel! And yes, I know, I'm sick. :P

Like the New Normal by sinaddict
28 little snapshots from Shannon's pov...hot and very very in character. Has Shannon/Boone and a touch of Shannon/Sawyer, and it's really, really good.

...May Come by kantayra
Hot Sawyer/Kate pr0n...with a twist. Not perfect, but still very enjoyable.

Space by foxxcub
Oh, how I love tormented Sawyer. This beautiful story takes place after the game of "I Never" and is obviously, Sawyer/Kate.


Star Wars

Repercussions of Time by ZaraValinor
*WARNING* This is a WIP. AND it has slight spoilers for Episode 3. But it's worth it, and she does update fairly regularly. I like the idea of someone from the future going back to change the past.



Three Days in Vigo by mellacita
Orlando gets a chance at a much needed break in Vigo, Spain. Hot and cute pr0n.
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