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Baby got (harry potter) recs.

I'm finally back! And yet, I have so few recs to offer! I'm been gone so long...::sigh:: Enjoy. :D

Harry Potter

Dead Girls Don't Matter by _fullofgrace
A short story with a painful ending about a Draco/Hermione relationship. What makes it really good is how on target the characterizations are.

Mercy, Pity, Peace by juliefortune
Remus is in Azkaban during the second war. This story is dripping with angst. It's painful and violent, but oh so good. Also an interesting characterization of Draco. Do read. Remus/Sirius.

The Most Ridiculous First Name I've Ever Heard by mousapelli
This story is almost ridiculous, but mostly just a very unique idea, and therefore cool as heck. It's very cute and funny...and I think I will name my kid Gaeten. Oh, and semi- Remus/Sirius.


Also Check Out...

Here it is, the famous sbp, about the Marauder's Hogwarts days. If you haven't checked it out already you must...but really, then where have you been? :D
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