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Welcome to Lost Dog Recs. I'm Nicole, aka short_girl. I encourage you to friend me, since I am insecure and need your love...but that isn't the point of this journal.


Q. Why did you create another damn journal?

I love reading. I love reading fanfiction. Wala. (sp?) I want to share with the lj world the fic I love.

Q. So, What type of stories are you reccing?
I dabble in many fandoms, including:
-Harry Potter
-The X Files
-Hannibal Lecter
-Star Wars
-Queer as Folk
and I'm always open to reading new things. I personally have my favorite pairings, etc, but I read both slash and het, RPF and pure fiction and AU, whatever. PLEASE REC STORIES TO ME!

Q. Can I be your stalker?
Why, of course not. But I do appreciate feedback, friending, and reccing. And of course, any questions! Email me!
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